Společnost Jaspo Autodoprava s.r.o. byla založena Romanem Pokorným v roce 1995. 

Nákladní doprava

-Sklápěcími soupravy
-Technologické vozy 
-Rozvážkové regionální vozy 

Module Positions

This template, as well as other ones powered by JSN Sun Framework, are shipped with various useful module positions for any use case. But that's not all - you easily can create your own positions anywhere.

Menu Variations

We understand that, as a website builder, you will need different menu types for your projects. As a result, key menu variations such as 'side menu', 'mega menu' and 'tree menu' are always integrated in our templates.

Content Types

Standard Joomla! articles only contain image and text. With JSN Sun Framework, we put Joomla! content to the next level by adding new content types, spicing up sites with video, audio, gallery, quotes, and link.